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In Phat Dat, there are always enough types of domestic and foreign refrigerators with famous brands: Asanzo, Sanyo, Samsung, Sanaky, Panasonic, Beko, Funiki, Aqua, Electrolux, Sharp, Hitachi, … and purchasing products. Used or not demanded with high cost. The products available at Phat Dat are mainly goods that do not need to use, so the machine is very new, operates smoothly and is warranted for 12 months from the time of purchase in this website.

Phat Dat cheap refrigerator in Ho Chi Minh City is the first choice for those who are in need of use, meeting all types: 4-door fridge, 3-door fridge, 2-door fridge, 2-fridge compartments …, the products that we provide the most are mini refrigerators, refrigerators 50l, refrigerators 80l, refrigerators 110l, refrigerators 120l … with a full range of prices 500k, 1tr5, 1tr8, 2tr, 2 million, 3 million….

Phat Dat Electronics is committed to the best prices on the market. You are in need of liquidating the old line of washing machines? Do you want to exchange a second-hand device to buy a new one to compensate for the lowest cost or do you want to buy a second-hand model to save money while ensuring quality? But you do not know the address of the store, dealer to see the goods or liquidate? Come to “Phat Dat Phat Electronics” to meet the above. At Phat Dat Electronics, you will see extremely quality products, beautiful designs, new appearance, cheap price but also warranty and exchange. If the liquidation will cost as much as you like.

If you are in need of an old refrigerator – an old washing machine with the best price, CALL NOW for Phat Dat by the following phone number: 0906 695 546
Phat Dat is always committed to selling second-hand refrigerators at cheap prices
Product quality is always checked carefully and operates smoothly
Ensure essential standards: no noise, power saving, good operation …
Quick product inspection during purchasing
Fast delivery in 2 hours in 24 districts of Ho Chi Minh City
Free shipping and installation for customers in HCMC
Maintenance and warranty on site for free.

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